IMEI gone (Redmi Note 8 Pro)

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IMEI gone (Redmi Note 8 Pro)

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Hi, I have a Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro, but after flashing a fastboot ROM my EFS partition was reset and now my IMEI is gone and I cannot get it into the partition any more. I still have the IMEI number
Hopefully somwbody can help.
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Re: IMEI gone (Redmi Note 8 Pro)

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Hey lenni! Welcome to the Forum, I've added you as a admin. Welcome to the team.

I know how to get your IMEI back.
Follow instructions below :)

Download Redmi Note 8 Pro IMEI Tool And IMEI Repairing Files
Xiaomi USB Drivers MTK :

IMEI Tool For Redmi Note 8 Pro Free : ... -versions/
Redmi Note 8 Pro ENG Firmware For IMEI Repair :

Mi Flash Tool : ... -versions/

Redmi Note 8 Pro Official Stock ROM :

Minimal adb & fastboot tool Download :

mFastboot Platform tool :

Quick Steps To Repair Mi Note 8 Pro IMEI Number
Unlock bootloder on Mi Note 8 pro MIUI
Flash ENG Firmware ( UMT+EFT+Hydra Etc ]
Wipe EFS using fastboot command
fastboot erase nvram

fastboot erase nvdata
Write IMEI Using MTK Xiaomi IMEI Tool
Flash Redmi Note 8 pro stock firmware again [optional ]
Check out below section for detail guide.

Remove Mi account from your device.

Unlock Bootloader of Mi Note 8 pro using Mi unlock tool
Guide : Unlock Bootloader of Any Xiaomi Device officially

Install “minimal adb & fastboot tool” on windows pc/laptop.
Proper Method To Install Minimal ADB & fastboot Tool

Install VCOm MTK drivers on pc.
Extract the downloaded “mFastboot platform tool” on desktop.
Now extract the downloaded “Redmi Note 8 pro ENG [ Engineering ROM ]”
Extract the downloaded Xiaomi Mi Note 8 pro IMEI tool
Launch Mi flash tool official software for flashing.
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 PRO IMEI Repair To Fix No Network
Make sure you have downloaded all the files for Mi note 8 pro IMEI flashing. If yes then apply the below steps properly and write IMEI to solve no network on Redmi Note 8 Pro mobile.

Before doing anything, bootloader unlocking is very important. Otherwise, we can change the Rom version of our mobile. We can’t flash new IMEI on Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro with existing MIUI 10 global stable ROM version. So we have to replace it with engineering ROM first.

Step01 Arrange The Mi Note 8 PRO IMEI Repairing Files And Tools
Install Xiaomi Mi Note 8 Pro MTK USb Drivers on windows pc.
Update VCOm Drivers On pc

Download and extract all the files on desktop of your pc. [ IMEI Tool, ENG firmware, Official Firmware, mFastboot platform tool.
Don’t forget to install or update minimal adb and fastboot tool on pc.
redmi note 8 pro imei tool and files
redmi note 8 pro imei tool and files
Step02 Plug Device with pc into fastboot mode.
Power off device.
Press & hold volume down key + power key at the same time and device will boot into Mi fastboot mode automatically.

Step03 Install Redmi Note 8 PRO ENG Firmware Using Mi Flash Tool
Existing MIUI 10 global stable android pie version can’t be use to flash IMEI using modem meta tool. That’s why, we need to flash Redmi Note 8 Pro engineering ROM first. After that we are free to apply the required changes.

Launch Xiaomi mi flash tool as administrator.
Once the tool launched on pc, click on “select” button and browse the “Xiaomi note 8 pro Eng firmware” from extracted firmware folder.

Click on “refresh” and it will tell you if the device is properly connected with pc or not?

Select “clean all” option from bottom of the tool. [ This option will flash firmware without locking bootloader of the device]

Finally hit on “Flash” bottom from top of the tool to install Redmi note 8 pro eng firmware. Flashing will start and it will take approx 5-10 minutes to flash ENG firmware on mi Note 8 pro.

Please Note : End of the flashing process, you may see “error No Catch checkpoint. Flash is not done.” Just avoid this error. We are ready to go for next step.

Now device will reboot into normal mode automatically.
Step04 Erase EFS using Fastboot Commands
Again reboot device into fastboot mode manually and plug the device with pc.
Enter into extracted “mFastboot platform tool” folder, press & hold “Shift” key + “Right” mouse click and select “open command window here” or “open powershell window her” option”. This step will open a new command window on pc.

Now execute the below commands one by one.
fastboot devices
fastboot erase nvram
fastboot erase nvdata
fastboot reboot
fastboot efs commands
fastboot efs commands
Again power off the device.
Step05 Write IMEI On Redmi Note 8 Pro Using Modem Meta Tool
In this step we will write IMEI on Mi Note 8 Pro MIUI 10 with MTK modem meta tool. Modem meta tool is an upgraded version of MauiMeta tool. This tool is an universal IMEI repairing tool for all MTK devices using MTK Redmi / Xiaomi phones.

Install “modem meta tool” and launch it as administrator.
Once the tool opened on pc, click on “Connect” bottom from bottom of the tool.
Connect the device with pc into switch off mode. And tool will start to connect the device. After that tool will show “Connection Stages” options in the right side of the tool.

Important : If the tool stop connecting the device at 21% process then reboot device and power it again. Don’t remove USB cable. Tool will restart progress again.

Once the device successfully connected with tool, you will see “Connected” notification in the left bottom section.
Next, click on “Search Tool” and select “IMEI Download” option from the list.

Now click on “Load DB” option and load “Database File [ DB File ]” of your own device. Select “from target” button from next window and tool will load IMEI database file for Mi Note 8 pro automatically. You no need to load it manually.

A new “IMEI Download” window will appear in front of you. Just type 15 Digit IMEI1 & IMEi 2 in both sections and then hit on “Write” button. This step will write new IMEI on Xiaomi Note 8 pro MTK mobile.

Done! Close the “IMEI Download” window, click on “Disconnect” button and mobile will restart again into normal mode from meta mode.
Dial *#06# code and check IMEI number status of your device. IMEI number has been flashed on Mi Note 8 pro MIUI 10 Smartphone.
Step06 Flash Official Stock Firmware On Redmi Note 8 Pro After IMEI repair
In step05, we have flashed the original IMEI on Mi note 8 pro MTk mobile. So now it’s the time to get back on globule stable fastboot ROM from ENG firmware. Repeat the same Redmi note 8 pro firmware flashing method to update Stable MIUI 10 ROM. Use any version of Global stable firmware version because we can update it again from software update suction of the device.

repeat the same Step03 with official Maui 10 global stable stock firmware. [ Guide – how to flash firmware using Mi Flash Tool ]

Extract the downloaded “Mi Note 8 pro stock firmware zip file” on pc.
Boot redmi note 8 pro into fastboot mode and connect it with pc.
Launch mi flash tool as administrator.
Click on “select” button and browse the official stock firmware.
Select “clean all” from bottom of the tool.
Hit on “Flash” button to flash stock firmware.
Done!!! Now device revert back to stock ROM from Eng firmware including original IMEI number.

Let me know if there is any issues :)
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